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If you'd like to read reviews of Zante accommodation by visitors to the island, please click here.

Zakynthos has a wide range of accommodation from campsites to luxury hotels. Most visitors to the island arrange accommodation as part of a 'package' with their flight. In the quieter parts of the island, villas and self-catering studios are often very good value and you can escape from the increasingly saturated resorts like Laganas and Argasi.

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Below you will find some recommended hotels in a variety of locations. In high season (May to September) it is worth telephoning in advance as many hotels are block booked by the major travel operators.


Hotel Agrilia (Category C) 51884


Alykae Hotel (Category D) 83242
Alykes Park Apartments 83592
Astoria 83533
Constantinos Hotel (Category C) 83061
Drosia Studios 83988
Hotel Villa Koukounaria (Category A) 83591
Ionian Star (Category C) 83416
Kali Pighi Hotel (Category C) (Alikanas) 83075
Montes Studios 83100
Montreal (Category C) 83241
Valais Hotel (Category C) (Alikanas) 83223
Velendzas Studios (Alikanas) 83561


Admiral Apartments 42779
Andro 22190
Argasi Beach Hotel (Category C) 48094
Captain's Hotel (Category C) 22779
Castello Apartments 23520
Chryssi Akti-Paradise Beach (Category B) 28679
Commodore Hotel (Category C) 26163
Contessa Hotel (Category B) 45152
Diana Palace (Category A) 23070
Eleana Hotel (Category B) 42895
Family Inn Hotel (Category C) 45359
Gazebo Inn (Category C) 42300
Iliessa Beach Hotel 45345
Katerina Palace Hotel 26998
Locanda Hotel 45386
Mimoza Hotel (Category B)
Paradise Hotel (Category B)
Pension Vaso 44599
Stars Studios 42875
Sun Studios 49062
Zakantha Hotel (Category A)


Akrotiri Hotel (Category C) 28000
Lofos Strani Hotel(Category C)
Varres Hotel (Category B) 28352
Zante Palace Apartments 49090


Park Hotel (Category C) 23790


Calypso Villa Bungalows 62604
Paradise Camping 61886


Alekos Studios 23530
Anagenesis Village Hotel 45115
Bitzaro Palace Hotel (Category B) 45773
Garden Village Apartments 27139
Cavo Doro 42597
Cronulla Hotel (Category C) 45317
Crystal Beach 42788
Daniel Hotel (Category C) 26094
Denny's Inn Hotel (Category C) 27785
Exotica Hotel 4
Filoxenia Hotel (Category A) 45718
J&J Hotel (Category C) 27794
Kalamaki Beach (Category B) 42575
Kalidonio Hotel 44237
Klelia 27056
Louros Beach Hotel (Category C) 23025
Marelen Hotel (Category B)
Meandros Hotel(Category A)
Metaxa (Category B) 27441
Sofias 45434
To Paradosiako Villa 42129
Venus 27459


Binios Pavlos of Dionysios Apartments 33308
Botonis Anast. of Dionysios Apartments 28940
Karmiris-Liveris Tzanetos Apartments 33352


Acropolis (Taverna with rooms to rent) 51595
Alabatros Studios 51882
Alexandros 51580
Alkyonis Hotel (Category C) 51194
Astir Hotel (Category B) 51730
Atlantis Studios 52276
Australia Hotel (Category C) 51071
Blue Coast Hotel (Category B) 51034
California Beach (Category B) 51392
Casteli Hotel (Category C) 52367
Esperia Hotel (Category C)
Eugenia Hotel (Category C) 51149
Galaxy (Category B) 51175
Galazia Thalassa 51123
Ikaros Hotel 52290
Ilios Hotel (Category C) 51119
Ionis (Category C) 51141
Mon Repo Apartments 51987
Panos Hotel (Category B) (Club 18-30)
Poseidon Beach (Category B) 51827
Sunrise Studios (Category A) (Club 18-30)
Thalassi Avria 51110
Victoria Hotel (Category B) 51912
Vossos I and II Apartments (Category C) (Club 18-30)
Zante Beach (Category A) 51130
Zante Park (Category A) 51948


Anastasia Apartments 51213
Anna Studios 51242
Arkadianos Hotel-Apartments 52578
Bozikis Palace Hotel (Category C) 52260
Hotel Porto Koukla Beach 52391
Maroudas Dionysios (rooms to rent) 52629
Sofia Studios 52777
Tartarougia Camping 51417


Jou's Studios 51501
Oscar Hotel (Category C) 52191
Portego Apartments


Archontiko Hotel (Category C) 51940
Kalofonos Charal. of Dionysios Apartments 51125

Porto Roma

Haus Gerani (pictured)35206
Mimis Studios 35007
Porto Roma Apartments 35331
Villa Clelia Studios 35069
Villa Katerina 35456

Villas in Porto Roma are also available through Friendly Tours in Zakynthos Town (Foskolos 5) 48030


Tsamis Zante Hotel (Category A) 62962


Alexander Village Apartments
Maistrali Hotel (Category B) 62882
Oniro Hotel (Category B) 63353
Plagos Beach Hotel (Category A) 62429


Alexandra Beach Hotel (Category B) 48914
Anetis Hotel (Category C) 28899
Caravel II Zante (Category A) 45541
Contessina Hotel 45732
Cosmopolite Hotel (Category C) 28752
Dias Hotel (Category C) 48015
Diomare Villas 23254
Dolphin 27425
Gina Studios 49017
Glaros Studios 23197
Gregory's 61853
Helen Studios 26953
Irini Studios 26724
Keti Studios 27100 or 28721
Lazaros Studios 26218
Levante Studios 45955
Mavrikos Hotel (Category B) 45907
Mediterranee Hotel (Category B) 26101
Nicoleta Studios 45738
Phoenix Beach Hotel 22483
Planos Beach Studios 27618
Razis Ltd Apartments 28644
Saratseno Apartments 45738
Sunrise Hotel 49097
Tasos Studios 26136
Trenta Nove Studios 28427
Vourtsis Panagiotis (rooms to rent) 26589
Zante View Studios 26181

Zante Camping - (2km from Tsilivi) 24754


Aquarius Hotel (Category B) 35300
Golden Bay Hotel (Category A) 35435
Kostas Studios 28809
Matilde Hotel (Category A) 35376
Vassilikos Beach Hotel (Category C) 35325 or 35326 Fax 35327
Zante Royal Palace (Category A)


Blue Cave Hotel (Category B) 27013
La Grotta Hotel (Category B) 31224

Zante Town

Adriana Hotel (Category C) 28149
Alba Hotel (Category B) 26641
Angelika Hotel (Category C) 22391
Antzela Hotel (Category D) 51195
Apollon Hotel (Category C) 42838
Bitzaro (Dionissiou Roma) (Category C) 23644
Dessy Hotel 28505
Diana Hotel (Category B) 28547
Diana Palace Hotel (Category A) 23070
Deithnes (Ayiou Lazarou) 22286 Egli (Loutzi) 28317
Kryoneri Hotel (Category C) 23567
Laza Hotel (Category C) 48909
Lina Hotel (Category B) 28531
Oasis (Koutouzi) 22287
Olybia Hotel 28328
Omonia (Category D) (Xanthopoulou) 22113
Palatino Hotel (Kolokotroni/Kolyva) (Category C) 45400
Phoenix Hotel (Category C) 42419
Plaza Hotel (Kolokotroni) 48909
Porto Koukla Beach Hotel 52391
Reparo (Dionissiou Roma) (Category C) 23578
Strada Marina (Category B) 42761
Xenia Hotel (Category B) 22232
Yria Hotel (Category C) 44682
Zenith Pension (Tertseti) 22134


Patra, on the Greek mainland is one of two key ports from which you can catch a ferry to Zakynthos. If you need to stay there overnight before embarking, here are a few options:

Adonis Hotel (Kapsali 8) 061 224213
Galaxy Hotel (Ayios Nikolaos 9) 061 278815
Mediterannee Hotel (Ayios Nikolaos 18) 061 224213

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