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Caretta Caretta:

Baby loggerhead turtleOne of the highlights of a visit to Zakynthos is sighting the beautiful loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta). The turtle is an endangered species and can be found both on Zakynthos and Kefallonia.

More turtle information here.

You can view a short video here

Blue Caves:

Blue CavesThere are a number of caves on the northern coast of the island. The blue caves are a series of geological formations in the cliffs below Cape Skinari.

Its name derives from the incredible blue colour of the water, which is due to the refraction of the light. The best time of day to see the caves is around midday with calm seas which allow the tiny sand particles to tint the sea and its contents.

The caves are only accessible by sea, either from Zakynthos Town or by boat from the nearby Skinari lighthouse.

Sarakina Mansion:

Sarakina MansionThe site of Sarakina (10 kms northeast of Laganas) known from the Middle Ages, took its name from the Saracen pirates, who used the area as a hideout. The old Mansion Sarakina, which belongs to the Loutzis' family, dominates the region and adjacent to the old mansion is the 'Agios Ioannis Prodromos Chapel' where the family vault is located.

The mansion was severely damaged in the earthquake of 1953 but remains one of the finest examples of Venetian architecture in this part of the island.

Porto Roma:

Porto Roma, ZakynthosPorto Roma is an idyllic part of Zakynthos. Located at the southeastern tip of the island, this small fishing port is unspoilt and is perfect for getting away from it all. There is the best of both worlds here; an unspoilt bay within a peaceful locale and yet it is very close to the livelier areas of Laganas and Argasi. Porto Roma has five tavernas and a couple of small shops.

There are no hotels here. Accommodation is restricted to villas and very high quality apartments. If you want a beach to yourself, Porto Roma in the morning is ideal! A short walk through the olive groves takes you to Gerakas beach and Zakynthos Town is a twenty minute drive away. Porto Roma is a useful starting point for one of the many island cruises and you can also take a glass-bottomed boat to Gerakas in the hope of sighting Caretta Caretta.

The Shipwreck

Zante ShipwreckHere's the story... In 1980, a freighter was pursued by the Greek Navy. The crew were suspected of smuggling contraband and the navy chased the ship through the Ionian sea.

Allegedly there was 'wine, tobacco and women' on board and the chase came to an abrupt end when the ship ran aground in stormy weather on the coast to the north of the island at Porto Vromi.

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