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Boat Trips on ZakynthosA decent island cruise will take up a full day of your visit to Zakynthos.

For the first time visitor it is really worthwhile to get an overall impression of the island's beauty.

If you take a tour early on in your visit, it will tempt you to venture further afield from your resort.

Boat Trips on ZakynthosMost of the main cruises depart from Zakynthos Town and can take up to nine hours.

It's best to take an early cruise because you'll have undisturbed access to the quieter parts of the island.

Because the cruisers generally end up at the secluded sea-access beaches at the north of the island, you don't want to arrive there when there are a couple of hundred other visitors!

Boat Trips on ZakynthosIt's worth finding out whether the cruise hugs the shoreline.

Many don't (in order to save fuel) but if the weather conditions are fine then getting close to the shoreline is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy Zakynthos's natural beauty.


Boat Trips on ZakynthosMany of the cruises have stop-offs where you can jump off and have a swim, for example to the shipwreck or at Marathonisi island in the Bay of Laganas.

If you're not a strong swimmer, some of the bigger cruises have small motor boats to take you ashore.

Boat Trips on Zakynthos One of the best aspects of an island cruise is that you will have the opportunity to spend some time at the island's secluded beaches which can only be accessed by sea.

If you arrive early enough, you'll have time to have a peaceful few minutes on the beach before the other ships arrive.

It can be a bit of a race but if you're early off the mark, you should arrive at most of them with a bit of time to spare.

Be careful though, with so much exposure to the sun out at sea, burn times can increase by 400% so use high factor cream and keep hydrated!

Below you'll find some details on cruise operators on Zante:-

Cavo Grosso
Zakynthos Town tel 48308. Cavo Grosso offer island cruises and trips on coach, to Kefallonia and Athens/Olympia.
Branches at Laganas, Argasi, Tsilivi, Alikes and Alikanas.

Mario's Glass Bottom Cruises

Porto Roma Day Cruise tel 0977 951587
Cruises Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday (from Porto Roma and St Nikolas' beach)
Turtle Trip Monday and Friday (from Porto Roma and St Nikolas' beach)
Prices (in Euros) Day Cruise 32 (children 20) Turtle Trip 25 (children 18)

Spring Tours
50 K.Lomvardou St, Zakynthos Town Tel 48004
Offer island tours, trips to Kefallonia/Athens/Olympia, Jeep Safari, Diving and Sailing,
Branches at Laganas, Kalamaki, Argasi, Tsilivi, Alikanas and Vassilikos

Mamfredas Tours
Laganas Tel 53323
Island cruises and other excursions.
Branches at Kalamaki, Argasi, Alikes, Tsilivi

Cruising the western coastline of Zakynthos  Cruising the western coastline of Zakynthos

Cruising the western coastline of Zakynthos


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