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Tourist Requirements:

European Union (EU) nationals can enter Greece with the possession of a valid passport for a maximum of three months. If you wish to stay for longer, you will need to apply for an official extension from your embassy or consulate. If you wish to travel by road through Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria it is well worth arranging transit visas well in advance. Waiting to arrange paperwork at these borders can be problematic.

Non-EU nationals may enter Greece with a valid passport and stay for ninety days.

Insurance and Health:

Private holiday insurance is essential for a trip to the Greek Islands. Although the policies may be expensive, this is more than compensated for by the potential costs of specialist medical care, which may involve emergency transportation off the island to the mainland. Visitors not in possession of health insurance are likely to only receive the most basic of treatment at a State hospital and the patient will be charged for nursing costs and medications.

On Zakynthos, many tourists suffer from "Honda rash", which is caused by falling off a scooter on a gravel road with only beachwear to protect you. It's worth checking that your travel policy or moped insurance covers you for this eventuality.

Generally, the quality of healthcare and medical support is comparatively high on Zakynthos. All resorts have a "Farmakio" (Pharmacy) clearly indicated by a green cross. Most pharmacists speak English (occasionally German) and will offer advice on minor ailments.


The majority of the banks are located in Zakynthos Town where you can cash traveller's cheques and draw cash from ATMs. Greek banks are generally open Mon-Thurs 8.30am-2pm and Fri 8.30am-1.30pm. In the resorts, some of the larger hotels have Bureaux de Change to assist you with your encashments. Please see the directory below for addresses.

Car Hire:

You'll find all the information you need on the car hire page.

Directory (useful addresses and telephone numbers):

The dialling code for Zakynthos is 026950. From outside Greece, dial + 30 26950 followed by the telephone number.


Agricultural Bank of Greece, 8 Eleftheriou Venizelou Street, Zakynthos Town tel 42772
Commercial Bank of Greece, 2 Eleftheriou Venizelou Street, Zakynthos Town tel 22338
Ergobank, 12 Tavoulari Street, Zakynthos Town, tel 42883
Ionian Bank, Agiou Markou Square, Zakynthos Town, tel 22336
National Bank of Greece, 1 Dionissiou Square, Zakynthos Town, tel 26737
National Mortgage Bank, 14 Constantinou Lombardou Street, Zakynthos Town, tel 26671
Postal Savings Bank, Tertseti Street, Zakynthos Town, tel 44611


Tourist Police, 62 K.Lombardou Street, Zakynthos Town, tel 27367
Zakynthos Police, 62 K.Lombardou Street, Zakynthos Town, tel 22100
Emergency - Tourist Police: dial 171
Emergency - Police: dial 100

Health Care

Zakynthos Hospital, General Prefecture, Zakynthos Town tel 49111
Emergency - Ambulance: dial 166


Tourist Police: dial 171
Police: dial 100
Ambulance: dial 166
Fire Brigade: dial 22161


Zakynthos Airport, tel 28322
Zakynthos Port, tel 28117
Zakynthos Bus Station, 42 Filita St, Zakynthos Town, tel 42656
Taxis, tel 22280
Radio Taxi, tel 48400
Olympic Airways (Zakynthos), tel 28611 or 44433

Wine Producers

Calliniko (Kalipado) 61547 or 63099
Komoutos (Agria - Macherado) 92284
Solomos Wines (Kidoni - Bochali) 27711
Verdea (Lomvardou 92, Zakynthos Town) 42426
Wine Co-operative of Zakynthos 22282


Customs Authority, tel 26119
Post Office, tel 44875
Greek Tourism Authority (Zakynthos), tel 48073
Telephone Company (OTE), tel 42499
Roadside Assistance (EOT), tel 48073 or 23361
Mouse House Cyber Cafe, tel 49510 or email


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