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Zante by nightZante is a vibrant island, offering a wide variety of tavernas, bars and night clubs.

The livelist resorts are in the south of the island. Argasi and Laganas are the two main resorts which cater for a younger audience.

Laganas is the nightclub centre of Zante, where competing clubs blast out dance music from their open-fronted bars onto the Laganas "strip". This isn't a resort for a good night's sleep although there have been recent moves to restrict loud music in the early hours. Tsilivi, Alikes and Kalamaki have a good range of entertainment in the evening for a broad age group. All three are lively resorts without becoming too hectic.

For more information on clubbing in Zante, head for the Clubbing section. Alternatively, check out the latest clubbing news at Club Zante.

Cultural Activities:

Solomou SquareZakynthos Town dominates the cultural life on the island. The pre-eminence of the major churches and local government is evident in the range of activities within the capital. The town's relatively modern appears in due to the devastating earthquake and fire of 1953. Great attention was paid to the recontruction of the town in a mixture of neo-Classical and Venetian styles.

The Museum of Byzantine Art (Tues - Sun 8.30am - 3pm 3).
The Byzantine Museum can be found in Solomou Square and offers collections by Doxaras, Koutouzis Damaskinos, Tzanes and Kandounis. This is one of the best collections of the Ionian School and is well worth a visit for its realistic depictions of religious subject matter.

The Solomos Museum on Platia Ayiou Markou (Mon - Sat 8.30am - 3pm Free) contains a collection of manuscripts by Dionyssios Solomos (1798-1857).

The Museum of Zakynthos (Tues - Sun 8.30am - 3pm 3 ) is an interest collection of local historical artefacts.


Cycling on ZanteMajor sporting facilities can be found in Zakynthos Town. In the resorts, sports are limited to watersports.

A sporting alternative on terra firma is biking. You can hire mountain bikes in most resorts and head for the hills. Be careful though, keep off the roads wherever possible and insist on helmet hire just in case. The best areas for mountain biking are the hills inland from Vassilikos and the central mountain range east of Zakynthos Town.

Another alternative is to bring your own bikes to the island. In principle the only difficulty is arranging for the charter airlines to carry the bikes in the hold.



Watersports on ZanteFor watersports, head for St Nikolas beach in Vassilikos. You'll find jetskis for hire as well as a whole host of novelty watersports such as bananas - not for the faint hearted!

Argasi:Beach of Argasi Watersports 06950 44250
Tsilivi:Tsilivi Watersports, Mavrias Kostas, Tsilivi 06950 23999

Please note that watersports are prohibited in the Bay of Laganas and Kalamaki due to conservation measures.

Scuba Diving:

Zakynthos - paradise for diversZante is a great island for Scuba diving and facilities are available in a number of locations.

For more information on how to contact diving centres on Zante, please visit our diving section here.


Festival in Zante TownZakynthos holds a number of festivals, most of them religious. Saint Dionysios (St. Denis), the patron of the island is now celebrated twice yearly on 24 August and 17 December. One of the highlights of the year is the Holy Week celebration. Easter starts on Holy Tuesday when the St. Denis choir chant the traditional Psalms. On Good Friday, the main procession through Zakynthos Town commences at 2pm. The procession starts at St Nicolas of Molos and solemnly tours the town before returning to St. Nicolas.

For more information on the festivals, held throughout the year, visit the Culture section here.


ShipwreckProbably the most recognisable sight on Zakynthos - the famous Shipwreck, otherwise known as Smuggler's Bay or Navagio.

No trip to the island would be complete without a visit to this remarkable location in the north.

For more information on the shipwreck and how to get there, visit the Shipwreck section here.


Loggerhead turtle swimmingZakynthos is one of the few remain mating grounds for the endangered Loggerhead Turtle, also known by its Latin name, Caretta Caretta.

You can see these beautiful creatures in the Marine Park of Laganas and off the coast of Kalamaki.

For more information, please visit the Turtles page and for more information on conservation efforts here.


Melissani LakeTake a trip over to Zante's beautiful neighbour to the north, Kefalonia. Scene of Captain Corelli's Mandolin, highlights include:-

* The beautiful fishing town of Fiskardo
* Melissani lake (pictured to the left)
* Myrtos beach

Island Cruises:

Island Cruises on Zante
Explore the entire island by sea on a one-day cruise. It's the best way to enjoy the stunning coastline of Zante and stop off at some the island's beaches which are only accessible from the sea.

There are plenty of cruises to choose from, most departing from Zante Town.

Highlights on your cruise may include:-

A visit to the blue caves
A stop at the shipwreck
Sighting dolphins out at sea
Spotting a loggerhead turtle!

For more information, visit our island cruises page here.


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